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This study summarizes the results of an evaluation of the estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) for all horizontal Utica and Point Pleasant Shale completions from 2008 through 2020 in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Individual well rate vs. time plots using publically available production data through March 2021 were used to forecast the EUR of 2786 wells - 2459 in Ohio, 296 in Pennsylvania and 31 in West Virginia.

The primary study objective was to determine the distribution and trends in EUR.

Utica Pleasant Point EUR map.png - Map of Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR) Study of the Utica / Pleasant Point Shale. July 2021

Gary S. Swindell, P.E., Consulting Petroleum Engineer, Dallas, Texas

Copyright 2022, Gary S. Swindell, P.E.

Copyright 2022, Gary S. Swindell, PE

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